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    JaNanamation is a shared art blog between cousins Janielyn and Christina! While both have varying tastes in art, they share a keen interest in the world of animation.
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Livestream Results


Here’s what I drew tonight! It’s a portrait inspired by a photo on Sktchy, an app where people upload pictures and artists create something based on those pictures. It’s really fun!

If you couldn’t make it to the stream, you can watch the playback on my Twitch channel. And now that I know it works, I hope to livestream more in the future, perhaps on a regular basis 🙂



Livestreaming as I work on some Tam Team art! Come check it out:


This is sort of new for me, so bear with me as I work out the technical stuff 🙂

Livestream over! I think I’ve figured out how it works, so next time I’ll plan ahead and give more advanced notice 🙂

The Bouncing Ball

Surprise! A post that has nothing to do with Pokemon!

I really don’t have much experience in the area of animation, other than what I did for FlowerPower (which were just a few simple sprite animations), so I decided to go back to the very basics. Supposedly, animating a bouncing ball is one of the fundamentals in learning how to animate because it is a simple way to demonstrate the principles of animation, such as timing, spacing, using arcs, etc.

This simple thing took me several hours (I’m still trying to figure out an efficient process to do these, too) today. Here is how I did it, from lines to colors:

I think I destroyed it with the faulty shading, haha ^^; I might re-do the coloring another time. At any rate, I think I’m sort of getting the hang of it…I’d like to do another bouncing ball animation though, perhaps one that is a little more complex.

If any animators have some suggestions/tips/critique, I’m all ears 😀

Drawing Process: Pidgey

I’m taking a little while to get my next set of Pokemon done, so have a little GIF of my drawing process!

My drawings are pretty messy, but if I don’t stop myself from refining and cleaning after a while then I never finish (thanks a lot, perfectionism *sigh*). I think being a little more expressive and gestural is helping me to become a bit more confident with my brush strokes, plus it’s getting a little easier to draw without being so afraid of making mistakes. I hope that by completing these several hundred (!) Pokemon drawings I’ll be able to see at least a little growth in my art 🙂

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