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    JaNanamation is a shared art blog between cousins Janielyn and Christina! While both have varying tastes in art, they share a keen interest in the world of animation.
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Hello Dusty Blog!

Sorry about the lack of activity lately! I’m…having a slow drawing year. The majority of my artistic efforts are going toward Tam Team Adventures in order to keep it running consistently (which I am still barely doing).

I do have a couple drawings/doodles to share though!


It’s still a while until Downton Abbey (the last season!! SOB) starts up again, at least here in the US (UK gets it much sooner, yes?). Until then, painting characters/scenes from the show is good practice and keeps me occupied 😉 I have a thing for minor/less important characters. While Lavinia had a significant role on the show, she was only in Season 2. I get the feeling that she wasn’t a popular character because she was an obstacle to Mary and Matthew’s relationship, but I would have been totally okay if Lavinia ended up being the one Matthew had married. I like Lavinia. She was nice.


Here’s a WIP of Evelyn Napier, another “lesser” character of Downton Abbey. Even though the show has made it abundantly clear since Season 1 that he has ZERO chance with Lady Mary, I am still rooting for him XD I’m hoping that he’ll make an appearance next season, and, in the biggest plot twist ever, be the one that Mary picks when she remarries.

And if that seems much too unlikely to ever happen, I’m just going to hope that he doesn’t get killed off like all of the other characters I liked.


Switching gears! Jan and I recently came across Pokemon Pets, a Pokemon MMO. It’s…not that amazing to be honest, haha. I mean, it’s not a bad concept and the game mechanics are okay, but I think the site would benefit greatly from better design. It’s cluttered and hard to navigate…and not pretty. If it were more visually appealing it would be easier to find things.

But! I’m still playing, at least for now 🙂 I think the big draw for me was the fact that players can pick from a number of trainer sprites to use in the game. I went through several of them before finally settling on this one, which I doodled above.

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