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    JaNanamation is a shared art blog between cousins Janielyn and Christina! While both have varying tastes in art, they share a keen interest in the world of animation.
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AA5 Doodles

I’ve been in such a drawing funk for what seems like forever, but I was itching to color something so I doodled some Ace Attorney 😀 Dual Destinies was released on iOS recently…I bought the whole game and beat it in less than a week because I couldn’t put it down LOL (my poor iPad battery ;_; ) It’s really fun if you like logic puzzles and obnoxious, cheesy puns XD

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  1. I haven’t gotten that far in the series yet. I’m still playing through the first game (which I haven’t had for very long, maybe a month), but I know most of the storyline for Justice for All (I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually get the game or not, so I watched walkthroughs for it). I like Apollo’s character, though. Or at least, I like what I’ve seen of his character, which isn’t much.

    • I haven’t played all of them either, but I like watching walkthroughs too so I’m fairly familiar with the story. Apollo’s one of my favorites, I think I like him more than Phoenix (not that I don’t like Phoenix though ;)).


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