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    JaNanamation is a shared art blog between cousins Janielyn and Christina! While both have varying tastes in art, they share a keen interest in the world of animation.
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pkmn challenge: 063 – 065

Ughhh I am so done with this set D: I am probably going back to using outlines after this, because these three were a nightmare.


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  1. LOL I love how you drew Kadabra and Alakazam using their spoons for something useful, I can totally see them doing that sometimes when nobody’s looking. XD These look really good, and they’re way better than they would be if I tried to draw them. Quick question, is Abra one of those Pokemon that look like they’re going to be really easy to draw, and then it turns out that they’re one of the hardest Pokemon to draw ever?

    • For me, the hard part about drawing Abra (and the other two) was that its design is made up of so many different parts. For Abra and Kadabra I basically stuck to drawing the original reference because I had a hard time visualizing how each of the parts would look from different angles (I hope that made sense ;;). They are definitely more complicated to draw than I originally thought they were!

  2. Ice creeeeam! haha… genius


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