June Sketchbook Selections (Part 2)

Isabelle tells me that this year is officially half over. ...Yay? Here are a couple of paintings I've done over the past couple of weeks. I'm pretty pleased with how the colors came out (unlike most of the other paintings I did in between). For both of these, I followed tutorials--here and here, respectively. That... Continue Reading →

Paintings and Other Thoughts

"Has anyone ever done a watercolor painting with their tears?"My brother, 2020 A few days ago, I was watching an artist's review of a particular watercolor sketchbook. During the video, she talked a bit about her creative process and mentioned that she found herself unable to paint when she was upset or stressed...which really struck... Continue Reading →

June Sketchbook Selections (Part 1)

Hello there! It's June already! Or "finally," depending on how time seems to be flowing for you. I finally got to the last page of my watercolor sketchbook! I decided to finish with a landscape since my first painting in the book was also a landscape...I don't notice any particular improvement, though. I also painted... Continue Reading →

May Sketchbook Selections

I don't have a whole lot to share from my sketchbooks today because I've been drawing and painting all over the place XD I wasn't all that committed to doing #MaySketchADay, so I've abandoned doing a painting every day...so there's only a few here. Pretty pleased with how the sky painting turned out! I've been... Continue Reading →

May Sketch A Day Week 1

Me: I should take this opportunity to do some serious painting studies! Also me: I'm gonna paint pictures of all my Animal Crossing islanders! (This is why I'm not getting any better, folks!)

April Sketchbook Selections

Is it just me, or did April go by way faster than March? Maybe I've just lost all sense of time XD I have to admit, I rather like the slower pace of life these days. I've never been one that enjoyed having a busy schedule (I often agonize for days when I have many... Continue Reading →

March Sketchbook Selections

You’d think that with all the time I’m spending at home these days, I’d be better about updating more frequently. Here we are at the very end of the month again! And what a month it’s been! I truly hope that you are all well and healthy. As an introvert who often loves nothing more... Continue Reading →

February Sketchbook Selections

Well, I really put this one off until the last minute, didn’t I? I ended up finishing my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook! Considering how rarely I finish sketchbooks, this is a pretty big deal for me 😛 I did most of these paintings in the latter half of January—I have since started a new watercolor sketchbook,... Continue Reading →

January Sketchbook Selections

Hey there! To keep myself motivated to fill out my sketchbooks, I’m going to try sharing some of my sketchbook pages at least once a month. I’ve actually been working in two sketchbooks at the same time; the pages above are from the bigger sketchbook of the two. The paper in that one is best... Continue Reading →

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