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    JaNanamation is a shared art blog between cousins Janielyn and Christina! While both have varying tastes in art, they share a keen interest in the world of animation.
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Aaand…There Goes 2017!

Why yes, I do still exist! This year has been…something else. 😉 More on that in a bit (if you care to keep reading), but first things first:


Did you know that FlowerPower! wasn’t Tamarac Apps’s first app? Back when Bossman was the sole developer, he created Winemaking, an iOS app to help winemakers keep track of their process. He hired me to do the few graphics he needed, including this image which was used as the main icon.

Clearly, I still don’t know how liquid works.

What have I been up to?

I’d like to tell you I’ve done a lot of art, but as you’ve probably gathered from my absence, I really haven’t. That’s not to say I haven’t drawn anything, but I’ve certainly drawn much less this year than previous years. I spent a lot more time working, which naturally left much less time (and energy!) for art. At the end of summer, my work schedule changed again, and although this resulted in more free time, I’ve had a rough time trying to re-balance myself and get back into the habit of drawing.

Another major event that affected me (and the rest of the Tam Team) this year was the North Bay Fires in October–the past few months have been emotionally turbulent. I…have a few thoughts I’d like to share on the subject, but I haven’t quite figured out the best way to express them yet.

On a more positive note, I went to Yosemite for the first time in my life and that place is so magnificent that it inspired me to start painting again! (I haven’t done any painting yet though LOL.) There’s just something about nature that is reinvigorating.

Also, games! I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a lot lately and it is loads of fun. Difficult and frustrating at times, but fun! I’ve always like the Zelda series for its puzzles, and what I like most about BotW is that it is so open world that there are multiple solutions to many of the puzzles. My brother and I play the game very differently!

Other games I recommend: Aviary Attorney (it’s like Ace Attorney, but with birds!), Finding Paradise (To The Moon 2), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (my ID is 70933765429 if you want to add me!) and Rakuen (prepare to cry your eyes out though).

What about Tam Team Adventures? Is it dead?

Tam Team Adventures is not dead, but it is still on hiatus! I’ve still got some stories, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to tell them, since they’re too long to fit the “one-page gag” format.

Am I working on anything?

YES I AM, but I won’t reveal too much yet as I am still in planning stages 😉 I set a goal for myself to have something to show by Summer 2018, so if things go according to plan I’ll share some stuff in the coming months!


2016 Redraw

It’s about that time for one of my art redraws!


…Okay, this one’s a little embarrassing to share. I was looking for an older sketchbook that still had some blank pages in it (because I can’t bring myself to use any of the newer blank sketchbooks I have) and found a bunch of really old drawings. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Powerpuff Girls, Neopets…a pretty good representation of what I was interested in as a kid/preteen. I did quite a few crossover drawings, like this “Tuxedo Ash” (which, BTW, I’m pretty certain is not an original idea of mine).

I also drew comics back then, but let’s not talk about those! >\\\\<

SO. This drawing. 15 years (!!) has sure made a difference, especially with proportion and composition. I’m still struggling with color and backgrounds….and I still have no idea how capes (fabric in general, for that matter) work.

2016 was another slow drawing year for me, apart from Tam Team Adventures. Oh well. Just gotta keep doing what I can 🙂

Today’s Livestream Plan!

Hey there everyone! This is a reminder that I do plan on livestreaming later today, so if you have nothing better to do than watch me draw, come watch! I hope to do at least 2 short sessions today, one at 4 PM PST and another at 9 PM PST. I’m probably going to start with another portrait for Sktchy, then maybe a comic or two (depending on how fast I work). Or, if a lot of people show up (hey I can dream) I might do doodle requests!

Oh, did you know? On the right side of this blog you can see my art status regarding requests, trades, commissions, and livestreams! It looks like this:


So if you want to check if I’m online or not, you can just look here! The livestream button is also linked directly to my Twitch channel, so you can just click it when the button is green 🙂



Bye guys I’m going to Alola 😛

In other news, next livestream will be this Friday! Might do multiple short sessions over the course of the day, but there will definitely be one around 9 PM PST!

Livestream Results


Here’s what I drew tonight! It’s a portrait inspired by a photo on Sktchy, an app where people upload pictures and artists create something based on those pictures. It’s really fun!

If you couldn’t make it to the stream, you can watch the playback on my Twitch channel. And now that I know it works, I hope to livestream more in the future, perhaps on a regular basis 🙂


Hey there! I’m going to start up a livestream at about 4:30 PST (that’s about half an hour from now), so come watch if you can! I’ll be drawing a portrait from the app Sktchy.

If you can’t come watch (sorry for the short notice!), I’ll probably do another one later in the evening (maybe around 9 PM PST).

EDIT: I have to stop for now, but I’ll be online again tonight around 9 PM PST!

Design A Character // Days 2 & 3


Plugging away slowly on this 😛 I think I finally figured out what I want her to look like, though it’s tough to draw her consistently :/ I still don’t have a name for her.

The pose references are from SenshiStock. I was originally going to draw the poses at random, but I figured that would make it difficult to draw her in character.

Design a Character // Day 1


A few months ago, I wrote down this idea for a comic:

Girl reluctantly gets job at a pet shop. She’s not a fan of animals (for one thing she’s allergic) but she needs the money and doesn’t have any other employment options at the moment. Work is boring, so she amuses herself by observing the regular customers that come into the shop and imagining what kind of lives they lead.

LOL. What was I even thinking? Anyway, I’m using this challenge to flesh out that main character. I still haven’t decided on her final appearance, but I know that I want her to have red hair and freckles. I’m also trying to work with a square-ish jawline because I’m trying to draw characters with more variation.

She doesn’t have a name yet. As for personality, she’s pragmatic and kind of cynical. Most of the time she has an “I’m-so-done-with-everyone-else’s-shenanigans” expression.

JaNanamation Sketchbook Challenge 02


Here’s another Jananamation sketchbook challenge! We decided on a character design theme this time around so that we have a character to use for any future character-related challenges 🙂

Challenge Notes

  • You can start from scratch OR use a character you’ve already created. Maybe you started making an OC but haven’t quite finished developing their look or personality. Or maybe you have a character you haven’t used in a while–try redesigning them or updating their look!
  • “Friend” and “enemy” can be interpreted however you like. The idea is to show how your character reacts to something they like and something they hate.

Don’t forget to tag your art #JaNanamation!

General challenge guidelines and previous challenges can be found here

…… Uhhhh…

So…. I got Stina all pumped to draw, then it takes me forever to even upload anything. For real, my baaad! I uploaded this from my ipad so if its crooked or turned the wrong way, I forgot how to fix it hahah. These took me a long time to get online but i worked on them pretty much all month. I would touch it, erase, leave it for a day, rinse and repeat 😦

This is my theme park, CAdence. In my head, its Disneyland meets the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. It’s in CA and I wish it was real haha. I also played with the name MusiCAL 😀

I saw it layed out with musical themed areas (2nd pic)… Jukebox, vinyl, boombox and streaming. The kids section was straight through the park to the back… So even parents could see the cool stuff before they were stuck at the playground 😉

For the kids rides… I have a foam pit/jungle gym but it looks like the classroom xylophone and a drum, a swing set that looks like a piano on its side and a teeter totter thats a violin and the kids ride on the bow 🙂

I pretty much giggled all through thinking up food names… Tempo-ra, churrum sticks, capo-chinos and mezzo- rella sticks lol. The drawings are horrible but i had so much fun thinking them up!

The boombox coaster was so fun. I remember my niece watching me draw it and asking what a boombox was LOL. NOOOOOO that cant beeeeee 😀 I will probably keep adding to that piece… Its pretty cool to think up stuff

My “park at night” is just how i think it would look… The main street is lit up by oler style microphones. This was my worst page… Mentally hahaha. I wanted to do perspective and i cried and gave up lol. I need practice… Not cool dude haha

The last one is my water ride.   Think a slingshot ride up the “walls” of a gramophone speaker and then a sort of splash mountain type drop to the bottom. Weeeeeeeeeeeee 

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